WiseMap.ai MindMap + ChatGPT

Map Your Vision, Amplify Your Ideas with AI 🧠✨

Boost your brainstorming and planning, and more. WiseMap turns your ideas into mind-maps with a touch of AI magic.


Automated Mapping

With just a few keywords, our AI crafts the initial structure.

Generated background

Let our AI create a unique background image for your map.

Auto expand in a blink

In a few clicks, ask the AI to expand your map with related ideas.

Unlimited manual edits

WiseMap is your canvas; create, tweak, adjust, and personalize every node.

Sharing / retribution

Keep your maps private or share them with the world and earn credits for each copy.


Invite peers and brainstorm collectively (soon)

Use Cases

Brainstorming Sessions

Facilitate dynamic and productive team brainstorming online, with AI suggesting ideas and connections.

Innovation Management

Streamline new idea management, evaluating feasibility and development stages with AI insights.

Educational Purposes

Enhance student learning by organizing notes and ideas into mind maps, facilitated by AI for efficient study guide creation.

Goal Setting

Map out personal goals visually, from short-term achievements to long-term aspirations, with actionable steps suggested by AI.

Daily Planning & Productivity

Boost daily productivity and time management with task prioritization and planning strategies suggested by AI.

Personal Project Organization

Plan and execute personal projects, like home renovations or trip planning, with AI providing task sequencing and resource insights.

What Our Users Say

"Using WiseMap transformed my brainstorming sessions. The AI takes my ideas and turns them into comprehensive maps!" - Stephane A., Solopreneur
"It inspired a very original app I created, bringing together personal memories and leading-edge tech" - Sylvain B., Indie Developer